We believe that Bonnie Yau’s sauces fill a gap in the market for convenient, easy-to-use Oriental sauces that have been created with health and goodness in mind.

We like to shout about the great taste of the sauces because we know nothing else comes close. We believe that now, more than ever, customers are looking for something they can serve the whole family without worrying whether it’s good for them or not.

Yau's sauces are low in fat, gluten-free and packed with flavour.

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Use a Sweet & Sour sauce as a cooking sauce or its great as a dip for spring rolls, chips, samosas, in fact anything!
To use as a sauce just stir-fry your meat and vegetables, pour in and reheat. 



280g bottle


Kung Po Sauce

If you like your food spicy then you really have to give our Kung Po sauce a try. It’s the red chillies that give it fire and, blended with a complementary selection of fruit and vegetables, it delivers a fruity punch.
If you’ve ever wondered what fruit with attitude tastes like, then you won’t be disappointed when you pour some of this into your stir-fry!

265g bottle 

Szechuan Sauce

Szechuan peppercorns give Bonnie Yau’s Spicy Szechuan sauce it’s unique flavour and texture. The earthy taste is accompanied by a “numbing” spiciness which comes in after a short delay. Goes well with meats such as beef.
Serve hot with your stir-fry for maximum spiciness or use as a spicy dip for anything from spring rolls to nachos.


265g bottle

Cantonese Sauce

And just as an authentic should be, it’s been created to give a smooth texture that flows around your ingredients. It’s great served with rice, too, as the sauce gets soaked up and spreads into the rice, ready to deliver it’s fruitiness.
The sauce has no added oil, it just mixes with the natural oils from the ingredients you cook it with. This helps give it a glossy texture and savoury flavour.
265g bottles

Zum Dipping Sauce

Zum Dipping Sauce
It’s best served cold with a sprinkle of freshly chopped mint and goes really well with Vietnamese summer rolls (rice paper filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and chicken or shrimp). It’s a truly divine match. And as there is virtually no oil, it’s low-calorie and fresh-tasting.
You could also use it for dipping spring rolls, prawn toast or anything savoury and crispy. And as a salad dressing it really is unbeatable! Just mix some chopped carrots and lettuce with pre-soaked rice vermicelli and pour over. And remember to add fresh mint or coriander to take it to the next level! You really can’t get healthier than that.

280g bottles

Black bean sauce

Black Bean Sauce

Bonnie Yau’s Black Bean Sauce has an earthiness about it which means it complements strong meats such as beef. Add mushrooms to help absorb all that great flavour too. Especially if you use it with chicken or pork. It’s so easy to use – just add to your stir-fried ingredients and reheat gently. It’ll only take a few minutes.


265g bottle