Cornish Orchards

Andy Atkinson arrived at Westnorth Manor Farm with his herd of dairy cattle in the spring of 1992. The farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall estate and dates back to the 1600s, when the farm was known as ‘Westnarth’.

Drawing motivation from Cornwall Council’s project to save, rejuvenate and replant traditional apple orchards, and wanting to encourage birds and wildlife, Andy planted three orchards on the farm. Soon, he had one of the largest collections of Cornish apple varieties in the county, creating a perfect wildlife habitat. 

Enthused by his new crop full of exciting, intriguing flavours, Andy juiced and blended, then hand labelled his first Cornish apple juices.  In true entrepreneurial spirit, he then took them to local farmers’ markets, where they quickly sold out. With this success and the introduction of his first Cornish Orchards cider, Andy took the leap to diversify from dairy farming to juice and cider making.

Today, there is a passionate team of over 30 local staff, working hard to create premium, whole fruit drinks and award winning ciders, to serve a wide variety of markets, both local and further afield. Cornish was accredited with Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA), a credit to the high standards maintained throughout the business.



In characteristic Cornish Orchards style, they don’t produce sticky sweet flavours. Our Blush cider is a marriage of fresh raspberries and crisp dessert apples – perfect to raise a glass of celebration.

Available in 330, 500ml bottles & 30L kegs.


Pear Cider

A unique blend of English Conference and Commis pears delivers a fabulous, yet subtle taste experience served chilled or over ice. It’s a medium-dry, sparkling sensation on the palette that’s a long and refreshing alternative to white wine.

Available in 330, 500ml bottl

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Farmhouse Cider

Maturing over the cool winter months and bottled as the long sun-drenched days return, our Farmhouse Cider has been crafted with afternoons spent catching up with friends in mind. This cider is as fruity and refreshing as they come.

Available in 500ml and 1L flagoons.


Heritage Cider

A refreshing, gently sparkling cider with the ripe fruit flavours of bittersweet apples. Using traditional varieties, such as Cornish Longstem and Tommy Knight, creates a cider that is a true celebration of heritage, tradition and biodiversity.

Available in 330 & 500ml bottles.

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Vintage Cider

A connoisseur’s cider, medium dry and lightly sparkling. Created from apples selected for their soft tannins and traditional flavour. This classic cider is matured over the winter months, to bestow vintage qualities.

Available in 500ml bottles.


Dry Cider

A natural tasting apple cider full of Westcountry character. A blend of specially selected bittersweet and dessert apples to give a long dry finish.


Gold Cider

This immensely refreshing cider has a light champagne sparkle with fruity apple tones and a long dry finish. The creative blend of bittersweet and dessert apples impart this classic cider with body and crispness.

Available in 500, 330ml bottles & 30L kegs.


Keeper’s Meadow Cider

Inspired by the wild fruits and flowers in our Cornish Meadow, this is a delightfully refreshing, floral spring cider full of subtle Elderflower notes and hints of pear. Its light sparkle makes it a perfect toasting alternative to champagne.