Back in 2010, founder Crispin, couldn’t help noticing the huge gap between the noodles he enjoyed in restaurants and those he saw for sale in the supermarket.

Armed with a vision of bringing healthy Asian flavours to the humble supermarket shelf, Crispin launched Kabuto in 2011, ready to do battle with an instant noodle market that sells over 100 billion servings a year!

Crafted with the dedication of a Samurai, Kabuto Noodles have all the good bits of instant noodles but really improve on the bad. They’re still quick and easy to make by adding boiling water and there’s no need to keep them in the fridge, but Kabuto Noodles have no additives or preservatives, no sachets or plastic to throw into landfill, just great quality ingredients and tasty Asian-inspired recipes. They’re even named after the Samurai warrior’s armoured helmet – the perfect pot for a steaming bowl of noodle goodness!