Fiddes Payne

Fiddes Payne was established in 1993, with a basic range of herbs and spices supplying the health food, independent and delicatessen trade.

However adventurous a cook you are, we are able to offer you some of the finest herbs and spices, salt and pepper mills, seasonings and authentic indian curry powder collected from the world's most dramatic and breathtaking landscapes.

Our quest for flavour has always made us look to invent imaginative blends for our spice mills, seasonings and indian spices bringing an exotic taste to your meal. Our association with the Jamie Oliver range of grind mills and herb crusts aligns our joint desire with him for simple food with adventurous tastes.

Rainbow peppercorns

You'll find a pot full of flavour at the end of this rainbow - with black, green, pink and white peppercorns, full of essential oils and giving food a wonderful aroma and taste. This peppercorn mix is a generous blend of premium black Tellicherry, Indian white, green and exotic pink

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Sea salt with seaweed

This ever-popular blend of sea salt, seaweed and herbs & spices brings the natural taste of the ocean into your meal occassions! The harvested sea salt is low in sodium but rich in nutrients and electrolytes that balance the body. The varieties of edible seaweeds infuse the salt wit

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Black peppercorns

These whole black peppercorns, from forests in Asia, are full of essential oils, which give them a wonderful aroma and taste. Enjoy your daily grind and use them often! Produced from the still-green unripe drupes of the pepper plant, cooked and dried for several days to give them their

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With this classic blend of spices, sea salt and herbs, giving a spicy note to savoury dishes, you certainly will 'spice up' your meal times! Versatility is the key with this spicy seasoning with it's capability to add flavour to many different dishes, from salads to sausages

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Red hot chilli seasoning

A full-flavored, spicy blend of authentic seasonings, including chillies, sea salt, herbs and spices. Gives your chilli a real kick and works well with all other 'tex-mex' meals! The herbs and spices used are sourced from around the globe. The sea salt used is rich in trace elements

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Atlantic sea salt

All natural Atlantic sea salt grinder - free of any additives or agents and harvested from pristine blue waters making it one of the most flavorful and highest quality salt available. Produced especially for use in salt grinders and salt mills, the pure sea salt crystals grind easily and abs

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Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

The rich flavours of all-spice and the heat of the peppers provide the fire and zest that forms the basis of Jamaican cooking. With its potent and beguiling aroma, Jamaican Jerk seasoning evokes the very soul of the island! 

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Tex-Mex Seasoning

Combine the flavour of the Deep South with the heat of Mexico for that authentic Tex-Mex flavour. A blended mix of flavours having just the right amount of salt and spices with a hint of sugar. You'll come back for more of this southern hospitality.

Available in

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Cajun Seasoning

Bring the rich, spicy taste of Creole seasoning to your mealtime with this special seasoning blended with chillies, garlic, salt, paprika and cayenne, with the added sweetness of brown sugar.

Available in 100g metal jars

American Steakhouse Seasoning

With ingredients that combine to give beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish their unique and satisfying South West flavour. Sprinkle on this blend of ground peppers, garlic and spices for bolder tasting steaks and burger, or shake over baked potato wedges or roasted onions.


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Indian Spices: Korma

Korma Curry Spice

Classic, aromatic curry spices!

We have searched to find the perfect blend of the finest spices to create this tasty Korma powder. Created from an aromatic blend of ground spices including ginger, cardamom and roasted coriander seed, add

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Indian Spices: Garam Masala

Garam Masala Spice

A principal spice of Indian cookery!

From the Hindi 'garam' (hot) and 'masala' (mixture) this sweet, aromatic blend of spices adds a delicate flavour to curries and Indian dishes. Garam Masala - an authentic mix of blend

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Indian Spices: Madras

Madras Curry Spice

A famous curry spice from a famous city!

Named after it's bustling city namesake, the Madras spice is a packed with a tantalising blend of aromatic, regional spices and the heat of its native India! Red in colour, and with heavy use

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Indian Spices: Tikka

Tikka Curry Spice

One of India's most popular curry spices!

This tikka spice not only has a sensational flavour, but a depth and vibrancy of colour which is emblematic of India's lustrous culture. Created from a subtle blend of ground spices - gin

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