Wildcard Brewery


Joker English Lager, 4.4%

Our Lager is a Czech style Pilsner with a twist.

The Joker is fresh and crisp and made from English malts and hops (including Target, Epic and Pioneer).

Aroma: Flowers, Citrus

Flavour: Subtle Grapefruit

Colour: Light Straw

ABV: 4.4%

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Queen of Diamonds, 5%

Our award winning Queen of Diamonds is an ostentatious continuously hopped IPA.

Hops are added continuously throughout the boil, developing a complex citrus flavour and fresh bitter edge.

Aroma: Lychee, Grapefruit

Flavour: Tropical Fruits, Nectarine, Spice, Cara

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King of Hearts, 4.5%

A light and refreshing blonde beer.

Brewed with lager malts and dry hopped With citra hops to create a beer that is fragrant, clean and refreshing.

Aroma: Gooseberry, Papaya

Flavour: Citrus Fruits, Peach, Apricot, Lychee

Colour: Blonde

ABV: 4

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Jack of Clubs, 4.5%

Brewed with British Crystal malts for a beer packed full of toffee and caramel notes.

Hopped with Centennial, Willamette & Mounthood for a fresh modern ruby ale.

Aroma: Grass, Spice

Flavour: Caramel, Digestive Biscuit, Spiced fruit, Cherry, Tamarind

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Ace of Spades, 4.7%

A classic London Porter with flavours of rich chocolate, smooth caramel and a roasted coffee edge.

Full-bodied and deliciously dark.

Aroma: Cocoa, Caramel

Flavour: Dark Chocolate, Plum, Roasted Coffee

Colour: Black with red undertones

ABV: 4.

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