What make different Dunadd Scotch Whisky Brand to the rest of Scotch whiskies brands? Many if not all Scotch whiskies brands names are either family names, or area of distillery or maybe region. But we went further to differentiate ourselves by considering the essence of Scotland as nation. We believe by going even back to the past to find out how Scotland was formed and created will boost our brand image greatly. Scotch whisky is the best in the world, so tasting the best whisky will also mean knowing its origin history. Dunadd Scotch whisky is not an ordinary whisky but a whisky which tells story and reminds its lovers where it comes from and how rich it homeland history is. We excel to produce only the best Scotch whisky.

8YO blended Scotch whisky

Nose: Powerfully round, full, herbal and elegant fragrances.

Palate: A soft, subtle yet entertainingly chewy notes which are clean, still spiced and honeyed.

Finish: Dry, elegantly herbal with a light toast and grist twist.

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Superior blended Scotch whisky

Nose: Sweetly spiced carrying a buttery and toffee’d character.

Palate: Soft and mellow – carrying a butterscotch quality.

Finish: Medium long – still sweet – running to caramelised lemon zest.

Available in 0,7ml, 0,75ml

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12Yo blended Scotch whisky

Nose: Sweet caramels and a dried fruit spiced quality.

Palate: Round and softly spiced now carrying a hint of sweet tobacco.

Finish: Long with an orange rind and dark chocolate style.

Available in 0,7ml bottles packed in

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King Mor

A golden coloured whisky with a delicate sweet nose initially toasted malt then floral fragrant apricot stewed rhubarb. Creamy buttery on the palate green grass new mown hay floral some soft fruits and dark chocolate. Long mouth drying with a slight peppery note to finish.

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KG 8YO blended Scotch whisky

Named after Kilmartin Glen for its rich history, this 8 years old single malt shows fresh, citrus, herbal notes on the nose. Its palate reflects gently the area’s richness of spicy, rich and gentle finish, as gentle and rich as the inhabitants of Kilmartin


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KG 10YO blended Scotch whisky

This Kilmartin Glen 10 years old shows fresh, citrus, herbal notes on the nose. Its palate reflects gently the area’s richness of the old days with clean, sweet vanilla and toffee flavours. It concludes in a lingering spicy, rich and gentle finish. As gentle and rich as the inhabitants

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