Bold Beetroot

This delicious dressing, relish, sauce, marinade and dip is our superfood sensation! It boasts a sweet, tangy and almost fruity flavour with the addition of the honey and apple and is great with salads, and also cold/hot meats, game meats, cheeses, fish and even the BBQ. Is

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Cool Basil & Pea

COOL Basil & Pea” has a delightful balance of both Basil & Pea that along with its  fresh flavour, is perfect for livening up your goodies! “I’m a super smooth and totally fresh suitor looking to get tiggy with nice stems,

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Sweet Original Tomato & Onion

Delicious on salads, fish or pasta and a great ingredient in sausage rolls or as a marinade on meats, our Sweet Original, Tomato & Onion, will go with just about anything! It was our Granny's Tigg's first recipe, and the one that inspired us to recreate her delicious products. Of

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Subtle Pepper & Mustard

“Subtle Pepper & Mustard” brings bite and natural sweetness to your kitchen table. Made with a both English & Whole Grain Mustard, it is perfectly softened by the natural sweetness of its Yellow Peppers.

Smokin Tomato & Chilli

“I’m smoky, spicy and go with all foods nicely. Add me to legs, rumps or stir-frys and await your tiggly surprise!”

Smokin’ Tomato revels in making one a little hot under the collar, offering both warmth and smokiness in a relatively guilt free way (onl

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