Great British Sauces

Smoky Barbecue Sauce

Top selling sauce at every tasting event the company does – an addictive blend of tang and natural smoky flavour, providing a great table sauce, marinade or dip!

Available in 330g bottles

Sweet Curry Sauce

The sauce everyone wants to see on the shelves - a gorgeous blend of gentle spices and fruity sweetness, creating an appealing table sauce, marinade or dip!

Available in 335g bottles

Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce

For the rapidly growing number of heat-seekers, was created Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce – blending the fruity sweetness of plum with hot chilli!

Available in 335g bottles

Tomato & Mustard Sauce

Tomato & Mustard Sauce is a new to market flavour combination that is creating huge interest at events and tastings!

Available in 320g bottles

Tomato & Habanero Chilli Sauce

Blended fresh Habanero chilli with Proper Tomato Sauce to create one of the most in-demand flavour combinations!

Available in 320g bottles

Proper Brown Sauce

A perfect and unique version of a British classic - Proper Brown Sauce is perfectly balanced and delicately spiced!

Available in 305g bottles

Proper Tomato Sauce

This Proper Tomato Sauce uses over 260g tomatoes per 100g sauce, delicately seasoned, providing a really fresh tomato flavour.

Available in 315g bottles