Scarlett & Mustard

Scarlett & Mustard makes truly delicious goodies – their range includes dressings and marinades, infused oils, fruit curds and a sweet chilli jam. With 4 Great Taste Awards to their name, they care passionately about what they put in every bottle and jar, making sure they use the best, freshest zingiest ingredients so that every one of their delicious range is bursting with flavour. They have a great mixture of unusual and exciting flavours, but also the occasional traditional offering, such as their newly launched Caesar Salad Dressing, in existence due to customer demand! Use their condiments to liven up any meal – they are highly versatile, so you can cook, marinade or use them straight from the bottle – Just Add Food!

Infused Rapeseed Oils

Scarlett's range of Infused Rapeseed Oils are all 100% naturally infused using the very best English extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil. They are delicious and truly versatile – drizzle, dip, mix, stir, fry, marinade.
  • Chilli Oil
  • Garlic Oil
  • Smoked Oil
  • Sublime English Truffel Oil
  • Basil Oil
  • Dill Oil
Available in 250ml and 100ml bottles.

Billy's Champion Chilli Jam

A sweet and tangy relish, created with the combination of red peppers, tomatoes, ginger and chilli. The contents of this little jar will liven up your cheese board, beef burger, sandwiches and more.
Named after founder's stepson William, aka Billy, who can consume a kilo in a week, it was decided to add champion to the name after it won a Great Taste Gold Award before it had even hit the shelves!
Net weight: 200g.

Rhubarb & Vanilla Curd

Bursting with fruit and a hint of vanilla. Delicious stirred into crumble, ice cream or crème fraiche to add a luxurious depth of flavour.
Net weight: 210g.

Orange Zesty Curd

Opulent Orange Zesty Curd is rich and tangy with honeyed overtones. It is delicious as a filling for tartlets, whipped into cream or on crumpets.
Net weight: 210g.

Lime & Mint Curd

With fresh zingy lime and a hint of mint, Luxurious Lime & Mint Curd is the perfect addition to pancakes and Greek yoghurt or rippled into whipped cream.
Net weight: 210g.

Passionfruit & Lemon Curd

Velvety and tangy passionfruit and lemon heaven. It tastes great with ice cream, on pancakes or with scones and cream.
Net weight: 210g.

Blackcurrant & Star Anise Curd

Deeply coloured and bursting with fruit and a hint of aniseed, works wonderfully as a spread, or mixed into smoothies, yoghurt and cream.
Net weight: 210g.

Hail Caesar Imperial Dressing

The best take on the popular classic. This is the Emperor of dressings - creamy, tangy, smooth and packed full of flavour. A delicious addition to any salad or stirred into mash. It's great as a dip too. Nice one Centurion!
Net weight: 250ml.

The Colonel's Poppy Seed Dressing

It's a delicious salad dressing with a touch of orange citrus to give it a really zingy flavour. Great on salads or as a marinade.
Net weight: 250ml.

Mutti's Mint & Redcurrant Dressing

Named after Col.Mustard's mother, Mutti (pronounced like footie!) is German for Mummy.  A fresh and full flavoured dressing and sauce, perfect as an accompaniment to roasts, especially lamb, cold meats, salads and super delicious with couscous and potato dishes. Simply shake like mad and add food!
Net weight: 250ml.

Scarlett’s Ornamental Ginger & Soy Sauce

This dark rich Oriental dressing was inspired by Scarlett's travels to the East, and has mistakenly been called Ornamental by founder'a daughter Chloe, but which sounded rather good and it’s stuck!
Net weight: 250ml.

Rosie's Doo Dah Sauce

Founder's step daughter Rosie loved this dressing from an early age but could never quite say balsamic, so gave it her own name, and it’s stuck! Rosie’s Doo-Dah sauce is a firm family favorite and we suggest dipping with chunks of rustic bread or drizzling over fresh avocados. Simple shake like mad and add food!
Net weight: 250ml.

Granny’s Original Tarragon Dressing

A cider vinegar based dressing that Granny inherited from her mother, and, I will pass on to our children. I recommend lashings of it on warm crushed new potatoes, or as a sauce for cold meats. Simply shake like mad and add food!
Net weight: 250ml.

Big Bear's Honey Dressing

A perfectly balanced golden sweet dressing that reminds the kids of founder's husband, affectionately known by them as Big Bear! We suggest adding drizzling over cold meats or adding to any salad, especially bitter leaves such as chicory or radicchio. Simply shake well and add food!
Net weight: 250ml.

Auntie Frog's Lime & Chilli Dressing

A tangy blend of ingredients inspired by founder's sister, affectionately known as Auntie Frog by her children. A lover of all things chilli, Auntie Frog suggests drizzling this dressing over your stir fry, or use as a sauce for prawns, calamari, squid or scallops, or a marinade for fish and chicken. Simply shake like mad and add food!
Net weight: 250ml.