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Healeys Cider



Rattler 4.8% Cornish Cider 500ml

Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple and blended with Healeys know-how, 4.8% Cyder has the crisp, Add a fiery kick to your cooking fresh flavour you crave.

Rattler Original Cornish Cider 6%/500ml

Golden Amber, Light Fruit Aroma, Fruity, Clean, Bittersweet Apple

Rattler Pineapple Cornish Cider 500ml/4%

Time to get tropical! Bursting with refreshing pineapple, blended with crisp apples and Healeys know-how. Cornish Cyder with Pineapple has the fresh flavour you crave!

Rattler Peach Cornish Cider 500ml/4%

Lifes a peach! Bursting with mouth-watering Peach, blended with crisp apples and Healeys know-how. Cornish Cyder with Peach has the fresh flavour you crave!

Rattler Strawberry & Lime Cornish Cider 500ml/4%

Strawberry & Lime Cyder is a perfect summer tipple, this fruity new flavour is sure to get your taste buds tingling with its exciting sweet and sharp accents.

Rattler Pear Cornish Cider 500ml/4%

In the mood for something fruity? Blending juicy pears, crisp apples and Healeys know-how, Pear Cyder teeters between sweet and sharp, to really hit the spot.

Rattler Berry Cornish Cider 500ml/4%

Fancy a taste of summer whatever the weather? Bursting with red berry juice and our famous Rattler bite, all blended with Healey’s know-how, Berry Cyder is a sip of pure sunshine.

Rattler Mulled Cider 500ml/4%

Traditional winter spices blended with a Cornish Rattler Cyder. This Cornish mulled cyder is guaranteed to make your taste buds glow with spicy refreshment. For the original mulled experience warm gently.

Cornish Gold Cider 500ml/4.5%

A masterful blend of experience, hard work and passion join together to create the crisp apple flavour of Cornish Gold Cyder.

Cornish Gold Rose Petal Cider 500ml/4%

We steep Rose petals overnight to create the masterful blend of passion, refreshment and floral infusions of Cornish Gold Rose Petal Cyder.