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Cornish Orchard



Wassail ABV 4.0%

The Wassail Mulled Cider is a scrumptious aromatic brew of cider and apple juice, infused with fresh oranges and hand-blended spices. The prefect cup of winter warmth.

Pear ABV 5.0%

This is a refreshing and delicate medium-dry cider with gentle fruity pear tones.

Made using a blend of crisp dessert apples and English Conference and Commis Pears. With its light sparkle and fruity taste, it is a great alternative to a dessert wine.

Keepers ABV 4.0%

Inspired by the fruits and flowers of Cornish Orchards’ very own keeper’s meadow.

This delicate cider has subtle floral notes and a delightfully refreshing finish akin to a sparkling wine.

Enjoy with freshly-caught white fish to bring out the crisp green apple flavors.

Gold Cider ABV 5.0%

This is an immensely refreshing cider with fruity apple tones. Made using a blend of bittersweet and dessert apples to give the cider body and crispness. 

Ginger Beer ABV 4.0%

Made from a traditional recipe, this fresh and aromatic ginger beer is gently brewed with root ginger, crushed spices and Cornish spring water. It is best served cool and with a gentle swirl before pouring.

With a gentle sparkle, this ginger beer has a smooth, rounded flavor.

Dry Cider ABV 5.2%

A natural tasting apple cider full of West country character. A blend of specially selected bittersweet and dessert apples to give a long dry finish.

Blush Cider ABV 4.0%

An exceptional cider with the fruity aroma of raspberries. Made using a blend of sweet dessert apples to give a light, fruity finish. This is a well balanced, lightly sparkling fruity cider that is perfect for those sunny summer evenings.

Heritage Cider ABV 5.0%

A refreshing, gently sparkling cider with fruity flavours of bittersweet apples. This is a unique, complex blend of full-bodied English Cider apples and traditional varieties. This cider is part of the Connoisseur range, along with the Dry Cider and Vintage cider, this cider is a true celebration of heritage, tradition and bio-diversity. Gold winner at the Great Taste Awards in 2012 and Bronze...

Hedgerow ABV 4%

A superb autumnal cider made with juicy dessert apples, blended with dark fruits from the hedgerow that include blackberries and refreshing sloes. This cider has a sweet, fruity finish.