Prince and Sons

"For the last eight years we have indulged our passion for quality teas with an interest in an outstanding tea import business.  As our knowledge and enthusiasm for tea grew so too did our desire to create our own unique range of blends. 

The starting point in creating these was that the ingredients had to be of the very highest quality. Ours, sourced from all over the world, are second to none.

The blending of these ingredients into perfectly balanced delicious teas was an exhaustive process. Many weeks were spent endlessly tweaking to get them just right. However the final results speak for themselves and the blends are exceptional.

Finally, we feel that beautiful tea deserves to be beautifully presented, so we needed a box that was as pleasing to look at as the tea is to drink. We put a great deal of work into the design and production of our boxes, but we hope you will agree that it was worth the effort.

We are incredibly proud and excited to present our initial twelve blends."


Caramel Vanilla Rooibos

To create this blend only the best Cederberg super grade rooibos were used and to this added a little sweet vanilla and a touch of smooth caramel for a blend that is truly tasty!

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Lemongrass Lime & Root Ginger

Lemon and ginger, a combination exotic and yet familiar, always work brilliantly and this blend is no exception. Here we have luscious lemongrass, with its lovely soft citrus notes, paired with the bite of fine root ginger. To these were added tangy lime leaves and soothing lime flowers. This is a fragrant and fiery blend that will brighten up your day.

15 teabags, 37.5g total


In pursuit of the very best flavour, only ever whole chamomile flowers were used to create this calming tea. To these were added a sprinkling of luxurious rose petals and a scattering of soothing lavender. This Chamomile tea is a heavenly floral blend just made for melting away worries.

15 teabags, 22.5g total


Both soothing and refreshing, this fine mint leaf tea will take your breath away. One half cooling peppermint, much beloved by those who may have over-indulged and one half sweet spearmint with its power to refresh and revitalise. This perfectly balanced combination delivers a mouthwatering, mighty mint blend.

15 teabags, 30.0g total


Blood Orange

This crimson blend is happy at any temperature, perfect piping hot on a cold winter’s day or chilled with plenty of ice at the height of summer. A rich, tangy citrus delight, delicious at any time of day, it is bursting with colour and flavour.

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Berries & Cherries

Berries and cherries blend is a virtuous treat brimming over with colour and flavour. With 15 times the vitamin C of oranges and punnet loads of antioxidants this little fruit is a natural hero. Strawberries, elderberries, apple, pineapple and cherries complete the line up to make a blend as healthy as it is delicious.

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Jasmine Pearls

This tea, produced in the same way for over a thousand years, is a delicious cup of delicate green jasmine perfection.

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Green Tea

The Yellow Mountains of Anhui province in China are famous for their fine teas and this premium Keemun style Mao Feng perfectly illustrates why. The Keemun style, although relatively new, is seen at its best here in this exceptional green tea. With a soft fresh taste it is easy drinking, rich and subtly sweet, with great depth of flavour.

15 teabags, 30.0g total

Chocolate Cinnamon Chai

Tea, milk, sugar and spices form the basis of every Indian masala chai. However, every chai wallah has his own recipe with people going out of their way to visit the one who makes their perfect brew. This one is traditional cardamom and sweet cinnamon and added chocolate for a blend as decadent as it is delicious.

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Earl Grey

Luckily it’s a delicious tea and theirs particularly so. Fine Sri Lankan Uva flavoured with bergamot oil and blended with a scattering of red cornflowers.

15 teabags, 37.5g total

Afternoon Tea

'Good' Afternoon Tea (actually it’s excellent) is a classic.  A blend of smooth, malty Assam, refreshing Ceylon Orange Pekoe and aromatic First Flush Darjeeling.

15 teabags, 45g total

English Breakfast

A blend of rich, malty Assam, bright, robust Kenyan and refreshing Sri Lankan Uva results in a satisfying, fortifying brew.

15 teabags, 45g total