Partridges Teas

The original Partridges is opened by Mr. Richard Shepherd in the fashionable area of Sloane Street near the Kings Road and quickly gains a reputation for selling the best quality foods from British producers and importing food and wines from all over the World.
After many years of supplying groceries to the royal households, Partridges was awarded its Royal Warrant in 1994 by Appointment to HM The Queen.
Today, firms that hold the Royal Warrant include grocers like Partridges, wine merchants, chemists, plumbers, mole catchers and dressmakers. The distinguishing feature, no matter the size of the company, is to provide the highest standards of service. Many of them are family businesses going back several generations and form the fabric of this nation. There are now around 800 companies or individuals who hold Royal Warrants of Appointment.
Partridges have worked with artisan producers across the UK to develop unique, delicious foods that have been inspired by the legend of the Chelsea Flower story.
Partridges carries an extensive range of teas and coffees, including our hugely popular Chelsea Flower tea blend, which has proven a favourite with their loyal customers for many years.


Chelsea Flower Teas

Distinctive, blue caddies with embossed logo.

-- Earl Grey 125g
-- Chamomile 35g
-- Jasmine 125g

Rose Pouchong loose tea

The finest leaf tea: a delicate infusion of China black tea and rose blossom.



125g Leaf tea

Chelsea Flower loose tea

The Chelsea Flower blend is a China blend with marigold flowers to which we have skillfully added the subtle flavour of mango and apple to give a fresh, floral aroma.

Unlike some flavoured teas, it tastes as it smells.

Here we also present the much loved Chelsea Flower teabags in a beautifully designed gift caddy, perfect to give away to your friends and family, or to take pride of place in your own kitchen.

Available in 125g leaf tea and 25 teabags gift caddy



Chelsea Flower Christmas Tea

The finest Keemun tea blended with orange oil, peony and marigold flowers, and cinnamon bark.

Partridges is excited to launch its latest tea venture - a Christmas themed loose-leaf variation of our immensely popular Chelsea Flower tea.  Presented in pleasantly warming special edition packaging, this tea is perfect for chilly winter nights.

125g Leaf tea


Chelsea Flower Tea

This is a China tea blend, to which we have skillfully added Mango and Apple flavouring. This product has been created with that special occasion in mind, The Chelsea Flower Show.



25 teabags, 50g total

Jasmine Tea

The Chinese people created this tea by introducing Jasmine Flowers to the tea during manufacture. The tea has absorbed the flavour and provides a very delicate taste.



25 teabags, 50g total

Lapsang Souchong Tea

The unique smokey taste of this tea has been deliberately created during manufacture. As a result, connoisseurs have delighted in this taste for well over a century.



25 teabags, 50g total

Highlands of East Africa Tea

The Highlands of East Africa region is ideal for tea growing and in modern times the bright, brisk liquors created here have won much acclaim from ardent tea drinkers around the world.



25 teabags, 50g total

Passion Fruit Tea

This is a China tea blend, to which we have skillfully added Passion Fruit flavouring. The combination has been most popular with tea drinkers around the world.


25 teabags, 50g total

Mr Shepherd's Blend Tea

Mr Shepherd's Blend had to be really special! He chose this fine, superb, liquoring, top quality tea. It comes from estates in the highlands of East Africa over 6000 feet, which produce that very good quality with brightness and flavour.


25 teabags, 50g total

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea has been established as a bright, invigorating brew. This blend contains High Grown tea from East Africa carefully blended with fuller and malty Assam tea from India's Brahmaputra Valley to make a brilliant well rounded taste.


25 teabags, 50g total

English Afternoon Tea

This tea is grown in Sri Lanka's Dimbula/Dickoya Valleys, well known for its aromatic flavour and for producing a golden colour.

It is ideal as an afternoon tea when time can be taken to relax.


25 teabags, 50g total


Earl Grey Tea

A blend of fine black China and Sri Lankan teas.  Delicious served without milk, but with a slice of lemon.

This Earl Grey tea has been carefully flavoured with natural oil of Bergamot, which is a citrus fruit grown only in Italy.  We use the best natural oil, therefore our product has a very delicate flavour of the highest quality.
25 teabags, 50g total


Assam Tea

The province of Assam in North East India is a traditional source of tea for those who like a strong cup. It is full bodied and has a malty character. It is probably best served with milk.


25 teabags, 50g total

Darjeeling Tea

This well-known tea growing region is located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The altitude and growing conditions create a delicate muscatel flavour justifying it being called the champagne of teas.


25 teabags, 50g total