Inspired by the lively population of octogenarians she’d seen in Asia, Alex developed a range of drinks based on the magical ingredients she found there. Since then, MangaJo has grown and the recipes have been refined into the winning combinations you know and love. Alex starts every day with a bottle of Lemon & Green Tea and thanks her lucky stars for the line-up of lovelies that make up the MangaJo range.

Every bottle of MangaJo iced tea is packed with ingredients that love you right back. We have explored the world to find the very best goji, the purest green tea and the reddest rooibos. Our acai juice comes directly from a lovely lady living in the Amazon jungle, and it is suppliers like Fernanda that make our teas taste amazing.

MangaJo drinks are based on antioxidant-packed green or red tea,enhanced with exotic superfruits. There are no added colours or preservatives and no added sugar or sweeteners. Just pure and amazing ingredients in a deliciously refreshing blend.

Refreshing Red Grape & Rooibos

This delicious grape and apple drink with redbush tea is good inside and out.

Glowing skin, strong teeth and bones, smooth digestion and a good nights sleep. Sound good? Try redbush (roy-boss), South Africa’s wellbeing wonder-drink, believed to tick all these boxes. We’ve sweetened ours with grape and a little apple, but there are no nasties, just pure, natural ingredients.

Available in 250ml bottles

Pomegranate & Green Tea

This delicious pomegranate and apple drink with green tea is
a great source of antioxidants.

Combining age old wisdom from the Middle East and Asia, Pomegranate & Green Tea contains two of the world`s best known sources of antioxidants making it a double dose of detoxing refreshment that tastes great. We use all natural ingredients, no colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Available in 250ml bottles

Goji-berry & Green Tea

Native to the Himalayas and nicknamed happy berry in Asia, Goji berry has more beta-carotene than you can shake a carrot at. It is one of the highest known sources of carotenoids of all common foods. Combine this with green tea for a healthy dose of antioxidants to brighten up your day. We use all natural ingredients, no colors, no preservatives or sweeteners.

Available in 250ml bottles

Acai-berry & Green tea

Three super foods come together in this cleansing energy booster: green tea, blueberries and Acai, an antioxidant-packed berry of Amazonian proportions. The purple Acai berry from Brazil is a nutritional super fruit and is one of the richest known sources of fruit antioxidants. We use all natural ingredients, no colors, no preservatives or sweeteners.

Available in 250ml bottles

Lemon & Green Tea

This delicious lemon and apple drink with green tea will stimulate your mind. Asian societies have long believed in the healing properties of green tea, and these days it’s everyone’s favourite anti-oxidant. With a tiny kick of natural caffeine, green tea also sharpens your mind. Our chilled version has a twist of lemon, and contains no sugar or artificial ingredients.

Available in 250ml bottles