Hall and Woodhouse

Today Hall and Woodhouse remains an independent family company owned and run by the fifth generation of the Woodhouse family. The pub estate has grown to over 250 and stretches from Exeter to Eastbourne and Hemel Hempstead - in the North.


Applewood Cider (ABV 6.0%)

The West Country's rich soil provides fertile growing conditions for apples, and we use vintage varieties such as Dabinett and Redstreak from a single harvest to make this rustic, medium dry cider. Its oaky, wood-infused notes are created by maturing the cider in oak vats - hence the name, Applewood - scrumptious to the core! Best served chilled.

Package: 500ml bottles, 8 per case

Pearwood Cider (ABV 5.0%)

Traditionally pressed from just one harvest, their sweet and juicy flesh gives this fruity cider its well-balanced flavour of floral and grassy notes. With a refreshing and crisp character, Pearwood is delicious served chilled with pan seared scallops or the humble pork pie.


Package: 500ml bottles, 8 per case