Great British Sauce

The Great British Sauce Company is passionate about creating delicious, properly made sauces and condiments. All sauces are packed with flavour and use the best ingredients one can find. In their kitchen they are inspired to create products that celebrate British cosmopolitan culture and they promise that sauces will always be made here in Britain!

We're a group of friends, all passionate foodies, driven by the same ambition to create properly made sauces and condiments, reflecting modern British flavours. All our sauces are made here in Britain with passion and care, each bottle tasting as good as the original homemade version.


Smoky Barbecue Sauce

Top selling sauce at every tasting event the company does – an addictive blend of tang and natural smoky flavour, providing a great table sauce, marinade or dip!

Available in 330g bottles

Sweet Curry Sauce

The sauce everyone wants to see on the shelves - a gorgeous blend of gentle spices and fruity sweetness, creating an appealing table sauce, marinade or dip!

Available in 335g bottles

Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce

For the rapidly growing number of heat-seekers, was created Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce – blending the fruity sweetness of plum with hot chilli!

Available in 335g bottles

Tomato & Mustard Sauce

Tomato & Mustard Sauce is a new to market flavour combination that is creating huge interest at events and tastings!

Available in 320g bottles

Tomato & Habanero Chilli Sauce

Blended fresh Habanero chilli with Proper Tomato Sauce to create one of the most in-demand flavour combinations!

Available in 320g bottles

Proper Brown Sauce

A perfect and unique version of a British classic - Proper Brown Sauce is perfectly balanced and delicately spiced!

Available in 305g bottles

Proper Tomato Sauce

This Proper Tomato Sauce uses over 260g tomatoes per 100g sauce, delicately seasoned, providing a really fresh tomato flavour.

Available in 315g bottles