East End Foods: Rice

We source only the finest produce by having direct contact with the farmers and have consistently improved the quality of our spices by cutting out middlemen and commission agents.

As a company, we have set new trends in this business by focusing on urgent concerns like aflatoxin and pesticide residues. We educate the farmers on 21st century issues and seek to improve the quality of produce to the purest level by limiting the use of even recommended pesticides during cultivation.

East End Foods offers an amazing variety of American long grain and Specialty rice -- an important part of cuisines around the world. Rice, is an ancient food and its roots can be traced back to its first cultivation in China some 6000 years ago.

The majority of the world's rice is grown in Asia, owing to the large amount of water available and the long hot, dry spells required for its cultivation. Rice symbolizes prosperity and fertility in various cultures and is associated with many religious beliefs in Indian culture.

Basmati rice was first discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas and these days is produced in India, Pakistan, and the south western United states. The most aromatic Basmati come from India and Pakistan. In the Hindu religion, 'Basmati' means fragrant and relates to the special flavour and smell of the variety. Basmati rice is available as brown or white rice. All brown rice varieties are much richer in nutrients as they retain an outer layer of bran. With white rice the bran is removed during the milling process.

We have invested in a £6m rice mill which is considered to be the most advanced in Europe. Our 'Royal' Basmati rice is like a fine wine and matured for nearly 3 years. Our 'state of the art' mill produces a near zero-percent broken Basmati rice. Royal Basmati is available in block bottom packs in pack size of 500gm, 1kg and 2kg. Larger pack sizes are also available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

American Long Grain Rice

  • Imported from USA
  • Versatile rice used in all styles of cooking
  • Has a slim grain approximately 5 times as long as it is wide
  • 2 varieties of American Long Grain Rice: Regular Long Grain White and Easy Cook Long Grain White(pre-fluffed)
  • After cooking they are presented as white long separated grains with varying degrees of nutty flavour


  • Pilafs
  • Stir fry
  • Salads
  • Paella
  • Side Dish
  • Plain boiled rice